Meet your 2022/2023 Park County Fair Royalty

Jolyn Halt-Stamper – Princess, Alice Zuber – Queen, Mariah “Sissy” Sonnier – Princess Attendant

2022/2023 Park County Fair Queen Letter

The Park County Fair can be found in Fairplay Colorado, surrounded by 14,000 ft peaks, along a rolling and colorful river Valley, with Sunsets painted by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. A rich history of mining and ranching has been twisted among the ancient Bristlecone Pines. Our historic Park County Fair found a home in Fairplay 103 years ago and began as a showcase for the finest our mountain Communities have produced and not much has changed since the beginning.
Come join your neighbors in celebrating The Park County Fair while becoming a part of our history!! Every Summer we gather as a community to enjoy winter’s brief departure. We have unbelievable Champion livestock shows, a LIVE Jr. Livestock Auction, with so many Vendors, and amazing live entertainment. Come get your Rodeo on, at our CPRA rodeos. Sitting at 9,953 ft elevation we are hosting the highest rodeo and fair in North America. You will witness the finest horsemanship skills from the most talented and skilled cowboys in the State of Colorado and beyond. Complete with Mutton Busting for the littles, THIS is the most exciting Family fun entertainment Park County has to offer each year. There is something for everyone.   
Third week of July 2023. Be sure to check out for updates on your favorite events. 
Alice Zuber 
2023 Park County Fair Queen

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