2024 Park County Fair Royalty Contestants

Our Fair Royalty Program is designed to promote awareness and interest in Park County. The Fair Queen and Court share a unique opportunity to share our County’s diverse industries. The Fair Royalty Program provides each participant the opportunity to build and enhance confidence in her abilities, poise in her presentations, pride in her accomplishments, and skills in communication.

Applications open in February 2024. Click below to download applications and get more information, including the schedule for this year’s Park County Fair Royalty Contest.

2024 fair royalty dressed up in western attire

Letter from your 2024 Park County Fair Queen

“It all begins with the sound of the rumbling trailers pulling into the Park County Fairgrounds on the first morning of Fair Week. The smell of fresh pine shavings and the early morning calls from the arriving livestock, this is the beginning of the Park County Fair, a long-running 104-year-old tradition here in beautiful Fairplay Colorado, Where the old west values, folks, and entertainment meet the majestic Rocky Mountains 

My name is Olivia Zuber. I have had the pleasure of being involved with the Park County Fair for the last 9 years, as a tiny spectator for my older sisters, to eventually showing my own livestock as a long-time Park County 4-H youth member and later stepping into my role with the Park Fair Royalty Court representing as the 2021/2022 Princess, and now as the 2024 Park county fair Queen. The Park County Fair has deeply impacted me. Representing such a historical part of our community, I am privileged to feel as though we are part of living history. 

Being involved with the Park County Fair and Rodeo is so much more than funnel cakes and cowboy boots. It is about education, opportunity, making new friends and memories, and enjoying the kinder things life has to offer. 

I look forward to seeing everyone during the 2024 Park County Fair. Check out our full schedule of events, entertainment, and activities for the third full week in July. Visit our website at Something for everyone to enjoy!” 

Olivia Zuber – 2024 Park County Fair Queen 

Meet our 2024 Park County Fair Royalty

Olivia Zuber, 2024 Park County Fair and Rodeo Queen

Olivia fair queen

My name is Olivia Zuber,
I have the honor of being your 2024 Park County Fair and Rodeo Queen! I’ve had the privilege of being raised here in beautiful Fairplay, Colorado with my family, friends and few livestock projects along the way.

I have been a part of the Park county Fair for the last 7 years exhibiting my livestock with 4-H. Being a member of Park County 4-H has truly changed my life for the better. The opportunities that 4-H and The Park County Fair have offered me is more than any buckle or banner I could ever win. This upcoming 2024 year, I will exhibit my livestock. I raise market steers, market lambs, and market goats. I’ve been able to show these animals all over the state and country. When I step into the ring with my livestock or stand in our arena with my horse, Bailey, I am able to feel and recognize the special place that our fair is, but not just to me, to the exhibitors who once stood in my spot, to the old cowboys who know that dirt and our community who gather together every summer. We are proud to host the “Finest in the Land.”

I am excited to welcome you to our 104th Park County Fair!

The Park County Fair in Fairplay, Colorado, is where you’ll find all the excitement for the 3rd week in July! Be sure to swing by the barns and visit with these hard working, high country kids. Your very own local livestock producers as they are getting their prized stock ready for one of the earliest Jr. Livestock auctions in the state, July 20, 2024 at 3pm!

You won’t want to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the rodeo at the highest elevation in North America. Set against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, we have two amazing nights of CPRA Rodeo, July 19 and 20th!

For any further information and tickets, check out and to see all the fair fun visit the Park County Fair Facebook page!

Keep up with myself, our Princess Autumn and Princess Attendant Ophelia during our Rodeo Royalty adventures throughout the year at The Park county Fair Royalty Facebook page!!

Come share with us while we celebrate the simple beauty the western way of life has to offer. July 12-21 2024!

Olivia Zuber
Park County Fair and Rodeo Queen

Autumn Zuber, 2024 Park County Fair Princess

Autumn park county princess 2024

Hey everyone, my name is Autumn Zuber and I am the 2024 Park County Fair Princess!

I am 13 years old, I live in Fairplay with my Family and goats. I am excited to be sharing my first year as a princess with my older sister (and Queen) Olivia and my friend Ophelia.

The Park County Fair has been my most anticipated summer time family event as far back as I can remember. My family and I have been spending the 3rd week in July with the Park County Fair, showing our 4-H projects and making memories at the rodeos!

I have been a member of Park County 4-H for 7 years and doing many projects including showing market goats, showing poultry, waterfowl and utility goats with my buddy Chester the Nubian.

Some of my all time favorite events that our Fair has offered to the community have been the Jr. Livestock Auction, our CRPA Rodeos, and walking around and visiting all the exhibits of animals and homemade goods.

For the past 2 years we have started a new Park County Tradition, our Kick Off Parade! The Parade is becoming a local event to look forward to around town each July.

Be sure to stop by and say Hi during our 2024 Park County Fair. I am excited to share my favorite days in July beginning July 12th- 21st. of events each day.

Check out for a full schedule and to purchase tickets.

See you at the Fair!
Autumn Zuber
Park County Fair Princess

Ophelia Burns, 2024 Park County Fair Princess Attendant

Ophelia princess attendant

My Name is Ophelia Burns. I am your 2024 Park County Fair Princess Attendant!

This is my first year in Rodeo Royalty! I am excited to be a part of this program with our Queen Olivia and Princess Autumn.

I am 12 years old and live in Fairplay, I live with my family, my Mustang Bolero, Welsh pony Elf and 6 pigs!

I raise and show my pigs in 4h. The highlight of my year is showing them at our Park County Fair!
With my horse I enjoy showing in the cow classes, barrel racing and gymkhanas at the fair.

The Park County Fair held July 12th – 21st, is one of my favorite weeks of the year.

Having been part of 4H for the last 6 years, I have participated in horse shows, livestock shows and shooting sports.

The Junior livestock auction is one of my favorite evenings, this is when we sell our livestock to the public, this is an exciting night for all involved. I would like to invite you to our auction July 20th at 3pm!

Sunday July 21st is Park County Kids Funday! This is how I got involved with raising and showing pigs through the “cathch-a- program”. If you are interested in this program or just a fun day for the family, please come join us for Mutton Busting, Catch-an-Animal, Greased Pig and Stick Horse Rodeo!

Our CPRA Rodeos are also a great evening to watch especially for me being able to cheer on some of my local friends that participate.

Hope to see you at our Fair July 12th -21st!

Ophelia Burns
Park County Fair Princess Attendant.

More Info about our Royalty Program

For More Information about the Park County Fair Royalty Program, Contact:
Royalty Coordinator – Emily Bowers